ASU Wind Symphony & Maroon and Gold Band: Southern Harmony

The Maroon and Gold Band & The Wind Symphony perform the final concert of the academic year for ASU Wind Bands. The Maroon and Gold Band starts the evening with a wonderful first half featuring: Johannes Hanssen's Valdres, Robert W. Smith's By Loch and Mountain, Vincent Persichetti's O Cool is the Valley, James Curnow's Fanfares and Flourishes, and Randall Standridge's Thrash. The Wind Symphony performs the second half featuring Cait Nishimura’s Origin, Mackey’s This Cruel Moon, Grantham’s Southern Harmony and Hellmesberger’s Danse Diabolique.


Maroon and Gold Band

Johannes Hanssen                           Valdres

Robert W. Smith                                By Loch and Mountain James Curnow

Vincent Persichetti                           O Cool is the Valley

James Curnow                                   Fanfares and Flourishes

RandallStandridge                            Thrash


Wind Symphony

Cait Nishimura                                   Origin

John Mackey                                      This Cruel Moon

Donald Grantham                             Southern Harmony

Joseph Hellmesberger                    Danse Diabolique


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