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ASU Gammage is thrilled to have GalaPro for Broadway shows this season.

GalaPro is a revolutionary, innovative app for accessibility and translation which enhances the audience’s experience for live shows. Patrons using the app can now enjoy the show in their own language with subtitles, dubbing, audio description, closed captioning, and amplification. All services are provided in real-time, using voice recognition technology.  

GalaPro enables the attendees to not only see and hear the performance, but to understand what is being said as well. It is compatible with any smart phone or tablet and can cater to any theater, venue, and language in the world. GalaPro requires a one-time installation of the app. It is easily accessible and can be downloaded for free from a device’s App Store. Then, the user simply chooses the venue, the show they wish to see, and their preferred language. Using our multilingual system, GalaPro provides users with the complete itinerary and program, as the show content. They can choose from subtitles, closed captioning, dubbing, all provided in real time, as well as the Audio Describe Program for the visually impaired. The unique technology is designed specifically to adhere and respect the strict rules of theater.  Airplane mode is always on so there will be no phone calls, and a black screen red font that only the individual looking at the screen can read. So, there are no bright lights to disturb anyone.

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How to Use GalaPro

Download Instructions

  1. Search for GalaPro (one word) to download GalaPro from the App Store or Google Play
  2. New users, select "GET STARTED NOW" and enter your email and create a password.
  3. Tap the compass arrow to select TEMPE.
  4. Choose a show on the home page for show information. 
  5. Set your phone to Airplane mode 
  6. Turn on Wi-Fi and choose the GalaProWi-Fi (password: galapro1) 
  7.  Return to the GalaPro app from Settings after connecting to the Wi-Fi.
  8.  Enjoy the show!

USER TIP: if you get disconnected from the wifi or take your phone off airplane mode you will need begin at step 4 and repeat the process.

“We pride ourselves on our commitment to an inclusive environment, and GalaPro is one step further in creating an inclusive show environment,” said Colleen Jennings-Roggensack, ASU Vice President for Cultural Affairs and Executive Director of ASU Gammage.