2024-2025 Beyond Season

A collage of six images from the 2024-2025 Beyond season.


Are you ready to be moved? To feel joy? To be challenged? To push past the boundaries of a traditional arts experience?

The 2024–2025 ASU Gammage Beyond season returns with a lineup of exhilarating dance and theater that will transport audiences through timeless, thought-provoking artistic experiences. 

“This season of Beyond will inspire greatness, tell amazing stories, feed our souls and inspire audiences to go…. BEYOND. " - Michael Reed, ASU Gammage Senior Director of Programs and Organizational Initiatives.

$10 student tickets available in person at the ASU Gammage box office.

$15 ASU staff tickets available in person at the ASU Gammage box office.


Saturday, Oct. 12, 2024

It’s hip hop but not as you expect! Beltrão has revolutionized the genre, deconstructing the dance form as he grapples with the changing politics of his native Brazil. Expect high jumps, head spins, somersaults, fast kicks and twirling twists. His intense choreography with Grupo de Rua is characterized by physical urgency and an analytic understanding of music and space.

Responding to the radical shift to the right, he ponders what happens when a political scene creates disharmony, polarizes the people and limits freedom and equality. The artistic community provides glimmers of creative resistance and uses art to drive change.

His previous work “Inoah”, was an eye-popping, jaw-dropping, gravity-defying blitz of artistic brilliance. He combines sophisticated stage craft with contemporary dance and raw hip-hop which casts a spell over audiences worldwide.

$10 student tickets available in-person at the ASU Gammage box office.



Saturday, Oct. 26, 2024

Bessie Award-winning Camille A. Brown & Dancers (CABD) makes a personal claim on history through the lens of a modern black female choreographer. Camille A. Brown’s work uses the aesthetics of Modern, Hip Hop, African, Ballet and Tap to tell stories that reclaim the cultural narratives of the African Diaspora. The company’s work builds understanding of and appreciation for the African American experience.

The works of CABD are strongly character based, with a rich palette of dance, rhythm and gesture. Brown has a singular gift for wedding movement and meaning — her fully drawn dances can convey a state of mind, depict a whole community and probe profound subjects. Theater, poetry, scenic design and live musical accompaniment merge to inject each performance and program with energy and urgency.

$10 student tickets available in-person at the ASU Gammage box office.




Saturday, Nov. 16, 2024

Contra-Tiempo's ¡AZÚCAR! is a courageous naming/confrontation of and intentional obliteration of the undercurrent and often unspoken anti-Blackness in latinidad. Questions are continuing to drive the process as we begin to understand the complicated history of sugar and the messages from our ancestors. What does it feel like to individually and collectively heal, what does it move like? 20 brilliant artists and collaborators take audiences through a journey of Celia Cruz’s vibrations, unearthing history embedded in our bodies. Through ¡AZÚCAR!, we explore ancestral wisdoms about a plant that once aided in our healing, used as a way to sweeten medicinal concoctions, now extracted, refined and used as weaponized poison. This courageous work is rooted in and inspired by the sacred feminine, personal narratives of food, labor, community, sabor and explorations of 'familying' and healing as practices.

$10 student tickets available in-person at the ASU Gammage box office.



Julia Keefe

Saturday, Jan. 25, 2025

JULIA KEEFE INDIGENOUS BIG BAND is a groundbreaking musical ensemble that seamlessly blends indigenous melodies, jazz influences, and soulful storytelling to create a truly unique and unforgettable experience. Led by the exceptionally talented vocalist and cultural ambassador Julia Keefe, this ensemble celebrates the rich heritage and traditions of indigenous peoples through the universal language of music.

$10 student tickets available in-person at the ASU Gammage box office.



Kristina Wong

Saturday, April 5, 2025

ASU Gammage's artist-in-residence, Kristina Wong, returns to the stage combining comedy, theater and conversation in #FoodBankInfluencer, Wong's newest work-in-progress. The show is determined to change the narrative around Food Banks through an Immersive experience, commentary on systems and distribution and investigating the impact of food insecurity. 

$10 student tickets available in-person at the ASU Gammage box office.



Flea Theater

Saturday, April 19, 2025

Three men chew the fat under an old, wide tree. In HANG TIME, we peek into the interiority – the great loves and bitter blues – of Black men in America. Setting the romantic and the macabre in sharp relief, HANG TIME invites the viewer to envisage the living Black body triumphant over the legacy of violence that it holds.

Written and directed by Pulitzer Prize Finalist Zora Howard in her directorial debut, HANG TIME is a deeply moving and subversive work not to be missed.

$10 student tickets available in-person at the ASU Gammage box office.