Automatic Renewal

Automatic Renewal

New for the 2024-2025 Season! All Season Ticket Holders will be automatically renewed into this season and for year to come RISK FREE. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your seats will remain secure year after year.

On March 4, ASU Gammage will announce our 2024-2025 Broadway Season, and after the announcement you will be able to view your invoice, select payment plans and update your primary payment method. On March 12, subscribers will be automatically renewed with the card on file. 



Automatic Renewal FAQs

What is automatic renewal for Broadway Season Tickets?

When you purchased or renewed your season tickets last year you were enrolled in the new automatic renewal service that renews your subscription automatically for the upcoming season without the need for manual intervention. This ensures continuity of your Broadway season tickets and simplifies the renewal process for you.

How does automatic renewal work?

ASU Gammage will announce the 24-25 Broadway season on March 4. Your payment method on file is automatically charged for your 24-25 season subscription on March 12. You will receive notification of the upcoming season's shows, and your subscription will be renewed unless you choose to opt out.

What if I want new seats?

After the renewal period, all current subscribers for the 2024/2025 season will be invited by email to upgrade seat location or change seat locations BEFORE new season subscription packages go on sale to the public. Just one of the great perks of a season subscription.

When will I be charged for the automatic renewal?

The automatic renewal charge will happen on Tuesday, March 12.  

How will I know if my subscription has been successfully renewed?

You will receive a confirmation email or notification once the automatic renewal process is complete. 

What if I want a payment plan?

To request a payment plan click here. This form must be submitted by March 8 at 5pm.

What if I am not interested in renewing my season or I want to opt out of automatic renewal?

Let us know! Click here this will let us know you are not interested in the season or automatic renewal by March 8 at 5pm. We will remove you from the automatic renewal list. We will still hold your season tickets until March 22, 2024, but to renew you must manually renew your tickets in your account. 

How do I see what my season tickets cost?

Your invoice will be in your account. You can check the amount at any point prior to automatic renewal or after.