Account Credits

Account Credits

How can I check the credit balance on my account?

Please log into Account Manager here and click on your name or initial at the top right of the screen.  Then click on Account Activity.

What is an account credit?

If we cancel your performance, the value of your tickets inclusive of any per ticket or per order service charges on subscription, subscription additional and other tickets may be converted to an account credit on your ASU Gammage account. This account credit can then be used when purchasing tickets for future performances, or to renew or purchase season subscriptions.

What If my account credit balance is less than the total of my order I’m trying to apply it to?

You can still use your account credit if the total of the order you’re placing is more than the balance of that account credit. When you apply the account credit at Checkout, the total of your order will be recalculated to reflect the original total less your account credit. You will then be prompted to choose a payment method to cover the order’s remaining balance either from those you have saved in your account or you can choose to add a new one.

Will the value of my account credit ever expire?

Your account credit balance will never expire.

Can I use my account credit to make purchases for ASU Gammage shows from ticket sellers other than ASU Gammage?

No. An account credit can only be used to buy tickets directly from ASU Gammage. They cannot be used to make purchases with any other ticket seller even if those tickets are for an ASU Gammage performance, and we are not responsible for the ticketing practices of other ticket sellers.

Can I transfer my account credit to someone else?

While account credits cannot be transferred person to person, you could make a purchase on behalf of someone else in your account and then transfer those tickets to them.