IT’S SO LEARNING - Show Poster


March 4, 2017

IT’S SO LEARNING is the seventh show from the comedic trio, The Berserker Residents. The show will push and pull you down a crazy, twisting, hilarious and terrifying path of self-reflection that asks the question, “Why do we go to school?” In IT’S SO LEARNING, you’ll be handed a backpack full of the supplies you need to survive inside the classroom; you’ll be hauled through the quizzes, grades, bullies, praises, graded again and hopefully you’ll graduate. Don’t be tardy as a faculty of eccentrics is taking attendance. Prepare for anything in this interactive classroom experience.


If off the beaten path is where you like to go and ironic, brilliant and just plain wacky humor is your thing, The Berserker Residents are a can’t miss experience. IT’S SO LEARNING will take you on a hilarious, awkward and insightful trip through the familiar absurdities called adolescence and public school.


It’s So Learning is ­­­­­­built on idiosyncratic absurdities of the American education system and challenges audiences to navigate a classroom nightmare. For the best possible audience experience, the following rules must be understood:

1.  Audiences will be asked to stand, move, speak, and play. If this is not your cup of tea, turn back now. 

2. For ease of movement and enjoyment, bags, purses, backpacks, laptops, etc.. are not permitted in the performance space. A free baggage check will be provided for audiences to securely store their items for pickup after the show.

3.  Press and audience members are discouraged from writing personal notes during the experience.

4. If any audience member has physical restrictions the company should know about, they are encouraged to let us know prior to coming into the performance space, so the space can be tailored for their experience and enjoyment.

5. Audiences should be encouraged to wear comfortable shoes and a positive attitude.

6.  Purchase of ticket implies audiences understand all rules of engagement.

ASU Gammage acknowledges the generous support of our season sponsors.