Professional Development for Teachers & Teaching Artists

Helping teachers use art in the classroom.

ASU Gammage in conjunction with Kennedy Center Partners in Education, Mesa Public Schools and Peoria Unified School District, provide Professional Development workshops for current and future teachers. Each workshop provides curriculum instruction methods through the innovative and highly effective Arts Integration Method from the Kennedy Center Teaching Artist roster. Each artist provides their expertise in teaching an art form’s connection to curriculum and successful methods of curriculum delivery for diverse student learning styles.

Goals of the workshops include:
•    Improve and increase teacher’s knowledge of the arts and culture as well as Arts Integration
•    Have a positive and lasting impact on classroom instruction
•    Provide new strategies for teachers to meet the challenges of student engagement
•    Develop new ways to work with students with diverse learning styles
•    Promote collaborative learning within schools

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Ryan Hourigan: Reaching Students with Autism through the Arts
Peoria School District- January 2017

In this workshop, educators will explore questions about what autism is, how it affects people, and how some strategies are utilized to help students with autism learn and experience the arts. Ryan Hourigan, Associate Director of the School of Music at Ball State University, addresses communication, emotional, socialization, cognitive, and sensory challenges faced when working with students with autism in music, art, theater, and dance classrooms and offers practical suggestions for teachers to use.

Peoria School District- January 2017

The arts can serve as a powerful addition to a character education program by helping students discuss, reflect, and react to bullying behaviors. In Part 1 of this workshop, teachers examine how to define and share images of bullying with students. Participants then explore the roles of hero, bully, bystander, instigator, and target to learn how to engage students in drama activities to experience the role each plays in contributing to or resolving bullying activities. The drama activities also utilize concentration, image work, collaboration, and the communication of ideas through lines spoken by characters. Teachers experience drama techniques which provide students with tangible tools to apply to a bullying situation. Participants will analyze the meaning of courage, rehearse lines of dialogue to stop bullying, and look to poetry as inspiration for making heroic choices.

Marcia Daft: MOVING THROUGH MATH—Laying the Foundation for Elementary Mathematics
Peoria School District- February 2017

In this workshop participants will explore and establish as foundation for the Moving Through Math processes. Moving Through Math is an active, creative approach to teaching mathematics. Students explore mathematical concepts and their relationship to language, spatial reasoning, rhythm, body movement, and the imagination. When students experience Moving Through Math, they learn math concepts visually, aurally, spatially, kinesthetically, verbally, and socially. This allows for a wide degree of differentiation among students, as they deeply explore core concepts in mathematics through a variety of learning modalities.

ASU Gammage acknowledges the generous support of our season sponsors.